Shifting Through Self Love | More Money, More Radiance, More Confidence // Digital Course



Shifting Through Self Love | More Money, More Radiance, More Confidence // Digital Course


This is the course that we talk about the things we "aren't support to talk about"🌹🔥🌙... This is the course that gives you the real HOW of how the eff self love really does connect back to everything. My first course that I give my real life examples in love, money, sex, manifesting, and all the juicy goodness of how when I leaned into TRUE self love everything shifted. 






✨The soul who feels like their manifestations just aren't coming and they feel like they just cant make the "shifts"

✨The soul who is ready to love themselves deep enough that love + joy + receiving feels like their second nature

✨The soul who is ready to learn how making money + EXCESS money really can be easy, fun, and sexy 

✨Anyone who is ready to leap into a life of truly tapping into their inner goddess, their inner power, and become unfuckwithable

✨The soul who is ready for REAL juicy deep love/improve their dating life or even BETTER love with their now partner 

✨The soul who is ready to get CLARITY on who they are, what lights them up, and connect with their highest self 

✨The soul who is ready to learn how to set and stand by better healthier boundaries and step into your power

✨Anyone who is ready to TRULY understand what self love is, how it works, what it looks like, and how it amplifies everything good in your life 




(These videos are for you to watch over and over, in any order, and at your own pace! Each video holds so much magic and power! Each video comes with a PDF worksheet of highlight points, ideal crystals to have during each section, and what chakra connects with each lesson)

VIDEO ONE: Self Love is the B E S T Love// What is self love, how it changes everything, what self love ISNT, and the true HOW TO's 

VIDEO TWO: Boundaries are My Bestie// Setting boundaries, energetic vampires, sticking to your boundaries, and stepping into your POWER 

VIDEO THREE: Writing Your Own Script// Manifestation, learning the power of your word, owning your POWER

VIDEO FOUR: SELF LOVE > SETTLING// HOW self love connects to money + pleasure, dating/loving like a Goddess, releasing people that are no good for you, calling yourself out on your own patters 

VIDEO FIVE: Shifting Through Self LOVE: the HOW of it all

VIDEO SIX: Date Like a Goddess: Owning your power in dating, becoming irresistible, tapping into your inner goddess, and manifesting high value men with ease + creating your dream relationship

VIDEO SEVEN: Money Magnet// Aligning with Abundance: Making money work for you, understanding the energy of "budgeting", and HOW to manifest money 

  • My morning goddess check in page to start your day with self love x manifesting energy
  • Goddess Night Cap check in page to realign your energy with gratitude x magnetism at the end of the day
  • 44 Self Love Jounal Prompts to truly create self love + accept yourself 
  • "Tapping into Your Inner Light Mediation" meditation on seeing your highest self + tapping into your power for the day
  • 3 Self Love mediations to start and end your day with 
  • Self Love Quickie Guide on HOW TO love yourself in quick moments daily to realign your energy 
  • 60 min LIVE Training (will be saved and uploaded) answering all your questions, teaching on all the topics above, and diving into the work TOGETHER


    NOTE// This is a DIGITAL, self paced course, all teachings are video and ZERO refunds are available after purchase.

    I cant wait to hear from you babes and see what you create! 

    xx @MarissaLace