Return Policy
There are no refunds on digital content.  
How Do I Access my Courses?
If you’ve signed up for digital courses, you will receive your log in details within 48 hours of purchase. 
Some courses and bundles don’t require a log in. For these, you will be sent the digital downloads at the time of purchase.  
If you purchase during a pre-sale, you won’t be sent your log in details until the launch of the course. Pre-sale bonuses can be found in the Course’s Private Facebook Group :) 
I Haven't Received My Course Log In Information Yet.
Even in this age of technology, not everything can be automated and we don’t want it to be! We’re an incredibly small team over here and sometimes it takes some time to answer every email and send out account credentials. Please allow 48 hours from your time of purchase to be sent your Account Details.  
I Lost My Password? How can I get it sent to me?
To be sent your password, send an email to alexa@lightloveandlace.com with the subject line “Lost Password.”
Where Can I Find the Facebook Groups?
Each course comes with access to a Private Facebook Group full of exclusive content. These groups are a great place to share progress with other Angels who also going through the program! We love the community we’ve created! 
The groups can be found by searching the name of your Course into the Facebook Search Bar and Request to Join!  
I’m Having Issues Downloading the Course videos!
If you’re unable to download the course videos, try accessing them through your account instead. 
Your heart led you here. You are here for a reason. If you're new to crystals just go with your gut, read the descriptions and let your heart tell you if thats something you need in your life. 
Q: How do I cleanse my new crystals?
A: My favorite way to cleanse my crystals is with selenite (can we purchased in the store), sage, palo santo wood, or even just sitting them out in moonlight over night 
Q: How do crystals work?
A: The best way to describe crystals is energy. Everything in this world has an energy and a vibration. Including us! These beautiful pieces help balance our energies and even help raise us up to a higher vibration. 
Q: What do I do with my crystals?
A:  EVERYTHING! I have crystals all over my house, constantly in my bag, hold them, and meditate with them!
Q: How do you meditate with your crystals?
A: Sit with your crystal and set it in your hand. Focus on your breathing and focus in on the energy of your crystal. Imagine the light from the crystal surrounding you and that light pouring into you. Set your intention with the crystal and let the energy from the crystal help enhance your life. Manifestation is key. 
Q: What is your return policy?
A: You have 7 days from the day you receive it to return it. If an item breaks you can ship it back and you will receive a return. I personally have received items before that have been damaged in the process of shipping, it happens, but I just saw it as having two smaller crystals (: