Next Level Self Experience 1:1 coaching// Self Transformation x Radiant Living



Next Level Self Experience 1:1 coaching// Self Transformation x Radiant Living


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in 2022 creating a life we love, becoming someone we love, and healing the parts of us that hold us back. In November no longer sabotaging our greatness. Not waiting until the new year to leap into our new way of being. Becoming THAT version of us, the version of us who loves ourselves, walks away from the things that bring us down, feels deeply deserving of being loved and worshipped for exactly who we are, and no longer playing small. This all gets to change. 

For the goddess who is ready to feel connected back to themselves

For the goddess who is craving a deep connection to their life

For the soul who is needing to reignite the fire in their heart for their life

For the soul who is feeling little to no motivation in their life

For the goddess who is asking "BUT HOW DO I GET STARTED??" 

and for HOLDING that energy & keeping your vibration high 

For the soul who feels like they can never stick to anything 

For the soul who has fallen off their routines and rituals

For all of us who are feeling disconnected from our power, our heart, our inner goddess, and our life 

This is for all of us who are truly ready to get out of our way and into our power. 

based off the course// next level self 




🤍Each WEEK a new theme for our inner goddess to Focus on. 30 of self devotion, self love, self forgiveness, and expansion  into our truest self with ease with Marissa in your pocket & by your side for this transformation


>> year of you

>> self love over settling 

>> next level self the digital course 

>> go get em goddess 

1:1 coaching 

4 weekly calls for support, guidance, and sister circle 

voxer access for support in between weekly calls & the weekly sisterhood circle 

weekly new modules, meditation, and homework to deepen the next level self experience from confidence, love, self love, money, and shadow work 


For the NEW ASTROLOGICAL YEAR releasing & realignment we are all needing and craving. Reset in our routines, our work, our rituals, NEW meditations, NEW videos, retapping into your motivation, and creating a new fire and zest for your life and goals. 

no longer waiting for perfect moments and deciding to create the perfect moments 

Looking at our goals and intentions we set for the new year BUT ALSO fully going back in and setting intentions and goals THAT WORK. 


every other Monday there will be a NEW video release, Podcast Release, Meditation, and Journal prompts for the week ahead with a new focus on one of the pillars of the Radiant Living Next Level Self Challenge! 

beginning 5/1/22 only a small handful of spots