Love Yourself First Mama✨ Digital Course



Love Yourself First Mama✨ Digital Course


This is not a parenting course.
This is a self love course. 
This is a self worth course.
This is a soul awakening course.
This course is about remothering yourself into your full power. 
The digital video course I have been dreaming of and needed as a new mom.
The videos, lessons, meditations, rituals, and work in this course are the tools mothers need for making space for themselves in their life as well as creating a life you love & being someone you love.
Learning the energy of choosing yourself in order to show up for everyone else.
Healing the pieces of you that dont feel worthy of receiving, that resist enjoying this new chapter, the pieces of you that are still lingering in your maiden energy. 

 Learn what self love actually is 

Create & Tap into your confidence as a mother

Learn how to set boundaries

HOW TO make space for yourself in your life as a new mom

Learn how to MANIFEST with ease not just "think positive" 

Learn how to listen to your OWN intuition, use mothers intuition, and no longer silence your own wisdom

Create unshakable confidence and radiance in your life as a woman & mother

Become a MAGNET for everything you're wanting to create a life you love 

I created this course for everyone who has ever asked me HOW do you really love yourself, make time for myself as a mom, and find the magic in motherhood. we hear non stop about self love x manifesting these days but what are the steps? How do I really get there? Thats what this course is for mama. All of your tools to create sacred motherhood energy.  


  • The mama who is ready to CHOOSE herself and truly start putting herself first in her life 
  • The mama that is ready to feel in love with life & herself & her family 
  • The mama who wants to SET GOALS, set INTENTIONS, and make this life the life they TRULY follow through with + chase their dreams
  • The mama who finds it hard to “get it all done” & have time for herself 
  • The mama that is feeling disconnected from herself and has lost herself a bit in motherhood
  • The mama who wants to be unapologetically herself, feel confident, radiate her power, and become a magnet for what they want in life
  • The soul who is tired of feeling like they're sabotaging their own success, getting the bare minimum in dating/relationships, or a doormat
  • The mama who is tired of feeling burned out, touched out, over touched, and like shes not even a priority in her life
  • The mama who is ready to get into true alignment, tap into their inner goddess, manifest with TRUE ease, create their dream life, and raise their vibration 
  • The soul who wants to live a life full of self love x inner peace 
  • The soul who is ready to DO THE WORK// question their beliefs, ready to release whats holding them back, craving a more meaning full life, wanting to surround themselves with like minded high vibe radiant people, and open to that life they thought was "too good to be true" 


>> Marissas Manifestation workshop to begin looking at your own relationship with manifesting, looking at blocks, and getting the ball moving on creating your dreams

>> Mama Reset Guided Meditation 

>> Marissa’s foundational course “love yourself first” 

>> Marissa’s “Next Level Self” course for deep work of transformation & upleveling 

>>11 minute mommy magic morning routine for inner peace, clarity, and self love to start your day 

>> Morning Rituals w/ Little Ones video lesson

>> 1:1  Life Nourishment Convo  looking at ways we self sabotage ourself, looking at our relationship to food, and creating a life we love starting with FOOD! 

>>11+ of Marissas favorite and go to mommy and me meals for her and her little one to feel good, energized, healthy, and grounded 

>> Shift Your Words, Shift Your Life:::… the lesson on learning HOW we change our life instantly 

>> Spiritual Hot Mom Prep:::… everything Sacred doula thinks every mama should know for birth, postpartum, and adding sacred energy to motherhood 

>> Postpartum Bliss::::…. How to have the hard conversations with your lover, friends, and family of what youre needing in postpartum. Learn how to work on creating your own village, and bringing community back to motherhood

Never Before Seen Video Lessons🔥

(These videos are for you to watch over and over, in any order, and at your own pace! Each video holds so much magic and power! Each video comes with a PDF worksheet of highlight points, ideal crystals to have during each section, and what chakra connects with each lesson and some include separate meditations)

✨VIDEO 1: From Maiden to Mother w/ Sacred Doula Lauren & Marissa :::…  on the beautiful transition, intention setting, and power of motherhood

✨Video 2: Being the Mother You Needed::… Boundaries, Self love, Self worth, Healing, & Creating Your NEW story as a woman & mother🪷

✨VIDEO 3:Ritual > Routine// Radiant living + Habits to Change Your Life:::… Creating a life YOU love, create happy children, and adding love to life 

✨VIDEO 4: Choosing YOU, Relationships, Reconnecting to Your Partner AFTER Baby🌹

✨VIDEO 5:Living as a Well Nourished Mama ::… Connecting to our bodies, Eating for nourishment, & creating a nourished life:::.. Mind, Body, Soul

✨Video 6: Touched Out, Burned Out, & it’s NOT *totally* Balancing & healing the nervous system, and rituals to creating calm in motherhood 

✨VIDEO 7: Manifesting as a Mother, Inner Power, and My Inner Goddess Manifesting Method

✨VIDEO 8: Your Mothers Intuition + Waking/Connecting to YOUR Inner Goddess #RaidantLiving

✨VIDEO 9: Beauty in the Breakdown :::… Releasing old stories, boundaries, wounds, and turning our breakdowns into breakthroughs

✨Video 10: Sacred Mother & Cultivating Sisterhood w/ Sacred Doula

&& so much more! Keeping some a surprise! 



  • 13+ never before seen video lessons
  • My personal manifestation method
  • creating flow & schedules thats support YOU living your best life
  • Morning & night time rituals for cultivating energy of peace
  • rituals for when you need to hit the reset button
  • a breathwork practice by Chelsea to come back to time and time again when youre feeling burned out
  • PDF download of a radiant living day planner
  • 5+ audio meditations to use every week to tap into your inner goddess
  • Morning rituals for you and your little one to use each day to connect & start your day with love 
  • Nourishing recipes and suggestions for pregnancy, postpartum, and motherhood from Sacred Doula & House of Nourishment 
  • intimate Q&A’s with each teacher (Marissa, Lauren, and Chelsea) for a deeper look at these topics 
  • Manifestation journal prompts and practices for creating a life you love 

NOTE// This is a DIGITAL, self paced course, all teachings are video and ZERO refunds are available after purchase. All information in this course is just suggested and is not to be used as medical or professional advice! this is a slow roll course and new modules release over 4 weeks 


I cant wait to hear from you babes and see what you create! 

xx @MarissaLace


any issues or questions please email marissalacexoxo@gmail.com