Boundaries Dont Make You a Bitch‚ú®ūüĆĻ Digital Course



Boundaries Dont Make You a Bitch‚ú®ūüĆĻ Digital Course


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For the soul who feels guilty for putting herself first

For the soul who is ready to feel like they no longer live for someone else's approval 

For the soul that is tired of feeling like a doormat in their own life

For the angel who is ready to call back their own power, make their own rules, and create a life they love even by saying "no" more


You get to be lovable and still say "no" to people

You are adored even if youre not a "yes" man

I created this digital course for the version of me who always wanted to be the "cool girl" in dating or the version of me who always had FOMO so needed to always go above and beyond leaving myself on the back burner. 

Family, friends, lovers, dating, and even your boss + bank account. 

We are calling back our power, dissolving our people pleasing ways, and becoming the version of us that sets boundaries, loves ourselves, and UNAPOLOGETICALLY creates their dream life. 

No more dimming your light to make them more comfortable‚ú®


>>Boundaries are your bestie// why our boundaries matter and releasing the guilt in ours

>>Setting them, honoring them, and being LOVED for them// HOW to set boundaries, HOW to communicate them to your friends/mother in law/coworkers/community, and why we abandon ours for others 

>>No one is entitled to your time + heartspace// owning your power, owning your energy, cutting ties, and the power in walking away 

>>How your boundaries create or block your manifestations // The magic and manifestation of your energetic boundaries and living in your truth. From money, to love, to better relationships, and how it all goes together 

 >>Speaking your truth, speaking with love, + owning your NO 

>>Living for YOUR approval not theirs

>> From People Pleasing to Powerhouse



>> 7 exclusive video trainings

>> 3 new guided meditations for calling back your power and cutting past ties/relationships 

>> "Energy Reset" Meditation for clearing your energy + recharging at the end of the day or when you need a midday pick me up

>> 55+ journal prompts && rituals to deepen and embody each module 

>> mini crystal guide on crystals for protecting your energy, clearing your aura, and the perfect crystals for setting boundaries 

>> an exclusive online community to support one another during this process and BONUS VIDEOS IN THE GROUP! 

>> Manifesting Masterclass // A 44 min masterclass on walking you through setting intentions and the HOW on manifestating! Your new GO TO video training when setting any intentions 


This is presale. This digital course will launch 3/23! x 

all log ins will be sent out 3/23 @ 3:33 pm PST