The Self Love Shift Experience✨🧚🏻‍♀️*Presale 12/12*

$99.00 $49.00


The Self Love Shift Experience✨🧚🏻‍♀️*Presale 12/12*

$99.00 $49.00

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a digital workshop of pure magic, intention, love, magnetism, and endless opportunity. What will you do with it?✨

A workshop experience to wrap 2020 with pure intention + LOVE for ourselves. Creating space in our life and hearts for all that we desire. With our SECOND ever Digital Workshop focusing on RELEASING and CLEARING everything in 2020 no longer serving us. Getting CLEAR on our own dreams and tapping into our purpose. Finding our purpose. Creating our dreams. Loving ourselves deeper and doing it all unapologetically for 2021




>> For the soul who is ready to have an intentional experience of feeling into their dreams

>> For anyone who has ever felt that self love + confidence didn't come easily to them

>> For the soul who has always felt as if they couldn't stick to anything and always ended up back at square one

>> For the babe who has always said they're "bad" at meditating or journaling

>> For the soul who is ready to tap into their inner goddess and create a deeper relationship with themselves

>> For anyone who is ready to truly learn the tools and rituals that are available to all of us to truly love ourselves 

>> For the soul who is craving a deeper connection to their intuition 

>> For the babe who is ready to feel that they make their own rules and their life is happening for them not to them 



>> 11 Page Ebook Journal Guide to Deepen this experience

>> 1 hr LIVE workshop on 12/12 "The Self Love Shift" // an hour long workshop on self love, making the shifts, and how to stop feeling like the biggest block in your own life

>> 1 hr LIVE workshop on 12/20 "Break Down To Breakthroughs" // on the tools and rituals to let your hardest moments be your biggest teachers and release all the BULLSHIT before the new year 

>> A community of like minded loving + supportive souls to hype you up during our workshop

>> 3 Guided Meditations on Self Love, Setting Boundaries, + Loving Yourself Through The Challenges 

>> 33+ Journal Prompts + Practices

>> Goddess Hot Seat Q&A // Getting ALLL and Any questions answered by Marissa

The Self Love Shift Experience is a LIVE workshop experience during a time of separation to come together. To come together to connect with like minded others or simply focus on your own intention and having a safe space to connect with your inner goddess.


✨Launching 12/1:::.... ✨ a workshop experience on NOT waiting for the new year to choose us, releasing all past doubt + fear, self love, confidence, truly writing our own stories, releasing our self sabotage patterns, + HOW to Manifest through journaling.


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