Like Honey✨August Membership::…



Like Honey✨August Membership::…


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Like honey✨🌞the monthly collective

[August PURCHASE] 

AUGUST THEME:::…. Manifestation,The divine feminine & the magic of motherhood

 Heart healing, radiant living, connection to our intuition, surrendering, shadow work, The divine feminine & the magic of motherhood 

over the next 30 days diving into 

✨slow & intentional living

✨truly creating a life you love 

✨tapping into your souls purpose and adding more passion to your life 

✨looking at our own patterns, stories, and self sabotage to heal moving forward 

✨healing our mother & father wounds causing lack, fear, and low self worth in our life 


we will have not only Marissa leading teachings but guest teachers covering topics from 

✨gardening & homesteading 

✨diy spiritual hot mom crafts

✨creating your own altar



✨strengthening the nervous system 

✨parenting & your partnership 

✨ spiritual hygiene 



The monthly membership for all things needed to connect to the juicy divine feminine, heal our wounds, set boundaries, become the wealthy woman of our dreams, and receive it all with ease & grace


Every month a new focus & divine intention. Each month coming with an open heart and connecting to your inner goddess.


Created by a new mama for other mamas, mamas to be, and any woman looking to deepen her connection to self & her life.


Like Honey:::… each month focusing around


using the law of attraction in our daily life

healing the feminine wound

tapping into our intuition & created a deeper connection to self

practices for including our little ones

creating a balance, nourishing, and fulfilling life while being a mother 



🌹Like Honey Includes Each Month🌹


>> 3 Sit Down videos focused around the theme of that month, each video including journal prompts to deepen the lesson.

>> Guidance + support in goals/intention setting for the new month

>> a healing practice for releasing the month before + making space in your life/heart for the new energy ahead

>> 1 sit down guided morning meditation

>> 1 walking meditation for moving your body with love, grounding your energy, and raising your vibration

>> Energy Update Recording for the month ahead

>> Full Moon + New Moon Guidance to use for the month to support your manifesting & healing

>> affirmation practice for you to tap into your inner goddess and best self for the day ahead 

>> a community to support one another 


when purchasing all content is sent out at 3:33 am PST on the 1st of each month 

 NEW content each month.

 Each Month having the support for our own expansion. Having the tools in front of us and carving out time for us.