Aligning with Abundance💵✨🔥| Digital Course



Aligning with Abundance💵✨🔥| Digital Course


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The money magnetism and aligned action love child from our best selling OG course "go get em goddess".

This course is for the soul who is ready to be a magnet for miracles, money, love, support and truly ready to elevate their life.

Ditching fear, ego, and old money rules and fully opening their heart to being abundance.

Loving ourselves enough to get out of our way and into our power. Aligning with abundance and taking aligned actions daily to manifest the life of our dreams, loving ourselves deeper, and all unapologetically


5 Modules on understanding the vibration of money

healing our relationship with money

self forgiveness around debt

creating money magnetism

stepping into your new way of being 

HOW to manifest more money

AND becoming someone you can trust with money 


Miracles are always flowing to you but are you open to them? 


This is a prefilmed course and once purchased you will receive an invite link to join the course within 24 hrs! x