DATE LIKE A GODDESS//Manifesting the love you ACTUALLY want

$111.00 $77.00


DATE LIKE A GODDESS//Manifesting the love you ACTUALLY want

$111.00 $77.00

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Opening our hearts. Healing our past. Forgiving those who hurt us. Making room for the love we want + releasing our past of settling. 

Whether you are single, married, or in partnership... this course is about the energy of love. The energy of choosing you. The energy of loving yourself enough to not see settling as an option. Opening your heart and creating an altar within and devoting your love to you until someone else can catch that energy. Where your relationships get stronger + your independence and inner goddess feel reignited🔥 

✨You set the tone for every relationship in your life

✨we teach others how to love us  

 The course where I share all my lessons in love
The videos where you feel CLEAR on the love you want
This is the time that you finally see how choosing YOU makes you irresistible to the one you want 
PS THIS IS JUST A ROUGH OUTLINE WITH 3x BONUS videos to come and endless BONUS downloads! 


(These videos are for you to watch over and over, in any order, and at your own pace! Each video holds so much magic and power! Each video comes with a PDF worksheet of highlight points, ideal crystals to have during each section, and what chakra connects with each lesson)

✨Dating Like a Goddess >> The Not So Basics

✨Why it doesn’t work, why you should go back, and WHERE you draw the line

✨Deep Love over DICKstractions

✨Red Flags, Settling, and Releasing Old Patterns

✨Beauty in the Breakdown >> Healing Past Hurt

✨YOUR venus + understanding why astrology ISNT everything 

✨Swiping, Ghosting, + casual dating the right way

✨Manifesting the Love You ACTUALLY want




✨"Opening Heart" Meditation

✨"Dating Like a Goddess" BONUS video

✨"Love Yourself First" BONUS video

✨44 Journal Prompts on clarity for divine love + calling in aligned dating expereinces

✨"Heal Your Heart" Practice to release the past to make room for the love you are wanting

✨"Manifesting The Love You Want" digital LIVE workshop + guide on getting clear on what you want, where youve settled, and how to become irresistible