Spiritual Hot Gal 1:1✨ | Radiant Living, Manifestation, + Transformation Session w/ MarissaLace



Spiritual Hot Gal 1:1✨ | Radiant Living, Manifestation, + Transformation Session w/ MarissaLace


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must have! Guidance on   manifesting your dream life, CLARITY,  Love yourself to the DEEPEST level, Help w/ Goal Setting, Crystal/Spirituality Guidance, Motivation, Self Love/Care,  Advice, Someone to Listen

Becoming Your Highest Self// 


your purchase includes:::..

✨one 22 minute oracle reading video personalized for you

✨1:1 60 minute call for guidance, support, and all the questions you hearts desires 

✨7 days after the session of support via text & voice notes to integrate + any questions that arise 


 Whether you need just a little guidance/motivation, game plan,  or if you're new to crystals and don't know where to start I'm here for YOU! This call is simply YOUR time to discuss whatever it is you need to talk about or want advice about!  We will have a 60 min call talking about what you want to release or enhance in your life, any roadblocks, what you want for your future, how to attract what you want and anything YOU want help with!  Mama support, postpartum insight & guidance, and bring you back to you. 

Shoot me a message on IG  once youve ordered when your heart is ready to set up the call! xo 



Testimonials from past clients

"As someone who is a certified health education specialist I tend to be somewhat of a skeptic when someone is a "life coach", but I can attest that Marissa is someone who is serious about her clients. Her resources and advice is personalized based upon each clients needs and goals, and she made me feel completely at ease as I discussing topics that are hard for me to talk about. She takes her policy of a judgment free zone, and it felt talking like to an old friend during our initial consultation. The biggest thing I got out of our consultation is that my path towards being a more spiritually grounded person is a journey, not a race and that by making small changes I can begin to more connected to the universe. Since our consult I've been following my morning routine and have felt an immediate difference in my overall happiness and well-being. I've beginning to really love myself, and feel reconnected to my sense of passion of helping others. I recommend anyone who really wants a chance to press the reset button and begin a path of better well-being to connect with Marissa and let her help you develop your goals!"


"For anyone new to crystals or finding their spiritual side the Crystal Consultation with Marissa, herself, is wonderful! Marissa is a gem just as most people see in her YouTube videos and is completely transparent with you during the Skype call. The call lasts a half an hour and Marissa starts it out super relaxed. She has you take a deep breath, as she herself, understands it can be hard to open up to someone you don’t “actually” know or have met in person, especially when talking about what you want to release and/or enhance in your life, but from the first few moments of the Skype call I felt completely at ease with her.

As you talk she chimes in with her thoughts and is writing things down to be able to gather thoughts on specific points you say. She let me all out talk for 5-10 minutes and then started to talk with me about things she feels would help me (i.e. meditations, foods, and more), we talked about diet and how that can change your mood, and we talked about affirmations and mantras with yourself and how those can really benefit a person.
The day after the call, she emailed me a detailed plan of things she thinks I could do to release/enhance the different topics we talked about. She gave me suggestions for crystals, aromatherapies, and meditations. The way she wrote in such depth about what we talked about proves how well she cares and took an interest in what I had to say and truly wants to help. I’m new to finding my spirituality and have just started getting crystals and incorporating meditation into my daily routine and it was extremely helpful to chat with someone who knows so much. I would definitely recommend this consultation to people! Even if you’re not brand new to crystals, but looking to expand things in your life or let go of something, Marissa is great at helping to figure out what’s going on and then figure out how she can further help you help yourself!

xx Hollie" 


"At first, I didn't really know what to expect from my crystal consultation with Marissa. She seems genuine and positive in her video, but one never really knows what to expect when meeting one of their biggest inspirations. From the moment we started chatting, though, I was blown away. Marissa has this light about her that is infectious, and I instantly felt connected to her. The consultation was a lot more fluid and real than what I expected- which I really enjoyed. I ended up sharing a hard topic in my life with her, and instead of brushing over it, she very respectfully asked me more questions about the situations. She really cared. When I got the email the next day about her recommendations, I could tell that she really put time and thought into catering it just to me. I would do another session of consultations with her in a heartbeat! To Marissa: girl, thank you. Seriously, you're doing great things. I'm excited to continue to follow your journey and stay connected with you."