BLOOM✨ Volume 3| 31 Days of Self Love, Inspiration, Manifesting, + Radiance <>

$111.00 $49.00


BLOOM✨ Volume 3| 31 Days of Self Love, Inspiration, Manifesting, + Radiance <>

$111.00 $49.00

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🌸BLOOM | 31 days of pure inspiration, self love, motivation, and radiance🌸

✨BLOOM | A video a day, Journal Prompts every day, a Mantra for every day

✨31 Days of filling your heart with self love, connecting with your inner goddess, and learning/amplifying how YOU manifest. 

Going into the new season of fall it is now time to fall in love with YOU. Tapping into the energy of grounding, connecting deeper to your own heart, love, abundance, and manifesting from BEING over DOING. Taking this time in fall to create a deeper connection with yourself and creating a life you love. Waking up everyday with devotion to your dreams and no longer being the one thing in your way... it is not all laid out in front of you with BLOOM x 

🦋Every day receive a video filled with radiance and motivation.

🦋Each day no longer having the excuse to not know what to journal about

🦋Each day stepping into a higher and higher vibration doing the big work of loving us, choosing us, and just taking 20-30 minutes a day for YOU.

🦋No matter what your vision or intentions are BLOOM is for you. We will dive all into self love, confidence, self worth, motivation for your health, manifesting the love you want, becoming the soul you want to be, and truly realigning our life after this chaotic time 

🌸We are almost HALF way through 2020... Have you looked at those intentions you set in January? Does that vision board have dust on it? Its time to take these next 30 days to realign with your vision. It is TIME to choose you.


🌸BLOOM | The 31 day journey to connecting to your inner goddess, tapping into your true motivation, finding joy in every day, and feeling inspired no matter what your life looks like NOW. 

Love yourself enough to get out of your way
Love yourself enough to devote 30 days to you
Love yourself enough to know this is your sign
Love yourself enough to leap into YOUR own BLOOM
Bloom into your bold beautiful + bright self
Bloom into a more heart centered + radiant self
BLOOM into a deeper and healthier connection to MONEY and pleasure
BLOOM into a life that feels like YOU are writing the story! 
There are zero refunds for digital products or for this product! Starting May 1st there will be a new BLOOM module with a video added EVERY DAY of may! Each module will be updated and added by 11 am pst each day! there will be 20 NEVER BEFORE SEEEN videos, all new journal prompts on self love manifesting money confidence and such, 10 of the videos will be the foundational work from previous trainings that NEED to be shared for this work!