Best Year Yet✨| Believing in, Creating, and Manifesting Your Best Year Ever



Best Year Yet✨| Believing in, Creating, and Manifesting Your Best Year Ever


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My most vulnerable course yet

My rawest teachings, lessons, and practices shared

My heart open. My walls down. My flaws being shared.

The space where I share all the details

The personal details.

My journal readings.

Opening my heart + putting my walls down to give you strength to do the same even in the face of uncertainty 

In seeing others vulnerability our inner goddess feels safe to be seen and that is the energy im holding and creating. I love you and I cant wait to dive into this next year together

The course of my own divine feminine. 


I felt shame around celebrating my birthday

I felt guilty for feeling proud of my last year

I felt shame for holding the vision on what I was ready to call in + manifest for this year of 27

My heart was unsure if I was worthy of still being happy with everything going on 

But my inner goddess SAID Fuck THAT

If you have ever wondered what it looks like when I create the energetic game plan for MY manifestations

the way im choosing to prepare myself to call in my partner *giving away one of my manifestations for 27*

HOW I do my own healing/soul care

WHAT im doing EXACTLY to make this next year my best year even better and better aka the best year ever

and of course... what I learned at 26

Sharing all the raw real truth. Sharing my inner goddess on a new level. Sharing and opening my heart in such a vulnerable way that what is coming tomorrow is ONLY available to people already in my groups

[Year of you Course required]

My people. My community. My goddesses

How im calling in love

How im calling in more money

What im doing to feel joy and ease in this next year

The practices im doing to cultivate radiance, magnetism, and confidence 




✨My lessons, My learnings, and what im leaving behind// How im taking my hard lessons and learning from them

✨Manifesting in Mayhem >> Cultivating an energy of gratitude, ease, love, and flow even in this climate. 

✨MY VISION FOR THIS NEXT YEAR//  intentions, goals, game plans, vision board, and HOW I set up my own manifestations w/ EASE

✨Creating Your Best Year Yet >> All the tools, practices, and mindset shifts Im using and you can too to create our best year ever

Love, Money, and My Vision >> My most vulnerable and open training ever. Sharing all my deepest desires + intentions for this next year PLUS Walking you through my own process of removing blocks to make sure these things happen *or something better*

Holding Your Manifestion, Vision, and Confidence Even in Fear >> How to take any uncertain time and use it to build faith in yourself, create magnetism, create beauty, and find security + feel safe in the unknown 



✨5 Exclusive video trainings about creating your best year yet

✨27 Journal Prompts on Creating Your Best Year + Tapping into Your inner goddess

✨Intention setting practice + rituals to make your desires strong and unshakable

✨Worksheets + Practices for each module on deepening the lesson

✨My inner goddess crystal guide 

✨My manifesting guide on creating ANYTHING in your life

✨Morning + Night time rituals to raise your vibe + open your heart to your greatest desires

✨7 min "Love Yourself First" Meditation on choosing you even in the face of fear

✨"Best Year Yet" Digital Workbook on mapping out your goals, eliminating fear, and taking the leap into your highest self 


I love you babes and cant wait to take on this new year together! 

Remember this is for EVERYONE! This is for the souls who are ready to take control. Feel like they make their own rules and live a life of LOVE in motion! x 

Please Note// All downloads will be posted in the Facebook Group starting the Evening of 4/8! Facebook is NOT required to access this course but this course will be held partially LIVE and then uploaded once complete to our course platform on 4/30. ZERO refunds for digital products! x 

Once purchased please request the facebook group by searching the course name! Everyone will be added before our first training on 4/7 evening